Smartphone Integration

Smartphone Integration - Connect Your Phone and Hit The Road

Smartphone Integration - Connect Your Phone and Hit The Road

Turn to Hydro Joe's in Lubbock, TX for Smartphone Integration With Your Car

Our smartphones have become as much a part of our everyday life as our wallets, purses, and of course, car keys. Ensure that your smartphone can interface with your ride as smoothly as possible, and never be away from your music, voice-activated assistants, messages, and contacts by installing a new system for phone integration with Hydro Joe's today. We can install systems that work with the world's most popular smartphones, including Apple Carplay for iPhone users and Android Auto for Android phones. These systems provide a stripped-down version of your smartphone's operating system right in your dashboard, and keep your phone's incredible features right at your fingertips while on the road.

One of the most useful features of these systems is having your phone's map and GPS features embedded right into your dashboard to get you to your destination as quickly and safely as possible. Also, use Siri to choose a song, voice text a friend that you're meeting for lunch, and easily change between music apps without taking your eyes off the road. Finally, for phones that do not have Apple Carplay or Android Auto capability, Hydro Joe's can also install systems that work with MirrorLink systems as well. To check your phone's capability, check out the links below for more information:

To learn more about enjoying the benefits of integrating your smartphone into your car's entertainment system, please contact Hydro Joe's in Lubbock, TX today!