Navigation & Safety

Do You Know Where You're Going?

Do You Know Where You're Going?

Upgrade your car with a navigation system in Lubbock, TX

How many times have you dropped your phone while trying to follow directions? Using your phone to navigate can be difficult and dangerous. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, and let Hydro Joe's install an in-car navigation system. We're the Lubbock, TX experts in vehicle electronics installation.

Here are some reasons to consider getting an in-car navigation system installed in your ride today:

  • It frees up your hands so you're not fumbling with a phone.
  • If you lose the cell signal you'll still have a functioning GPS.
  • The in-car navigation gives a more accurate estimated time of arrival.
  • You can talk on the phone while still concentrating on your driving.
  • You can avoid getting pulled over for messing with your phone.

Hydro Joe's can install OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts in your vehicle. Schedule a consultation with us today to get an estimate on a new navigation system.

Get a clear view of what's behind you

Sometimes backing up can be a leap of faith. Every vehicle has blind spots, and ignoring them can lead to accidents and costly damage.

Back-up cameras significantly reduce the risk of an accident. At Hydro Joe's in Lubbock, TX, we specialize in all kinds of vehicle electronics installation, including the installation of back-up cameras.

Here's why you should let Hydro Joe's install a back-up camera in your vehicle today:

  • You won't have to turn around while backing-up.
  • Hooking up a trailer becomes much easier.
  • It helps tremendously with parallel parking.
  • You can avoid poles, cars and other obstacles more easily.
  • It adds value to your vehicle.

Upgrade your vehicle and start backing up with confidence today.