Car Electronics

Hydro Joe's can keep you connected, even in the car. We can add features to make your car more accessible and entertaining. Do you tend to make phone calls when you drive? We can install a system for hands-free calling. Enjoy listening to music in your car? We can add a quality sound system so you can enjoy your bass lines and hi-hats on the go. We also install Remote Starters, car alarms, and much more!

In-Car Entertainment

Don't leave home without taking all of the comforts of your smartphone with you. Ensure that your car is up to date with the latest Bluetooth features and can employ all of the benefits of smartphone integration through Apple Carplay, Android Auto, MirrorLink, and more. Bring your car into the 21st century with a new in-car entertainment system from Hydro Joe's.

Remote Starters

Don't get left out in the cold this winter! Warm up your car before you ever leave the house and make your ride as comfortable as possible with a new remote starter installation from Hydro Joe's!

3 Ways to Make a Car Unmistakably Yours

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Your average Joe or Jane spends approximately four years of their lifetime driving. As much time as you spend in your car, you should have the capability to customize it to your needs and tastes. Hydro Joe's can help you add character-defining touches to your vehicle. Here are three ways that we can personalize your car to your specifications.

Install Bluetooth capabilities

Driving is serious business, and technology provides us with many distractions that make the task more dangerous. Bluetooth capabilities come standard in many cars today, but don't let your older model prevent you from reaping the benefits of Bluetooth in your automobile! With Bluetooth in your vehicle, you can:

  • Synchronize your data and applications
  • Stream your audio
  • Make hands-free calls and text messages
  • Find your destinations with ease with navigation

Call now to find out more about Bluetooth installation!

Add a DVD player

Children have a seemingly unlimited amount of raw energy and very short attention spans. If you tend to take long road trips or commute for long periods of time, you may want to find a way to entertain your kids. Say goodbye to repetitive road games and singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm." Hydro Joes can install entertainment systems with DVD players to keep your family occupied.

Contact us to find out more about entertainment system installation!

Adjust the suspension

Do you want a custom vehicle that will turn heads? Hydro Joe's is the service for you. We'll make your car rise up from the crowd or sit below it with custom suspension adjustments. Enter your car into a show or contest, or just customize it to complement your style!

Call now to find out more about suspension adjustments!

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